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Who are we?

Temetrix is a cloud transformation and solution service provider specializing in realtime analytics.

We provide guidance to organizations for transitioning large infrastructures and complex service deployments to the cloud, with a focus on enabling Enterprise-wide business intelligence and analytics. We build innovative visual and custom analytics solutions capable of analyzing high-volume streaming data in realtime. Designed for both fully cloud-based and hybrid cloud environments, our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructures and are typically applied in infrastructure monitoring and management, professional sporting, government initiatives (e.g., emergency management, defence, national security) and industrial applications.

Our Vision

We are problem solvers at heart. Our experts come from backgrounds advising large companies, SMBs and government departments on everything from data visualization and exploitation to solution and infrastructure architecture and business transformation. We enjoy helping companies transform their businesses by leveraging the cloud and taking advantage of big data and realtime analytics. Our team has built, scaled and run modern infrastructures and applications in some of the most demanding operational centres. We believe in making the cloud, data and data science accessible to everyone.


Since 2008, Temetrix (formerly Cache Analytics) has provided innovative solutions and assissted in the management of large IT projects. Our executive team shares a common vision of building technology management solutions that result in measurable return on investment (ROI) for stakeholders:

Todd Mennie

Todd is a Cloud Enterprise Architect with extensive business transformation experience with SMBs, large organizations and government agenciesvisual analytics. A driving force behind making data analytics accessible for business, Todd is a proven leader with more than two decades delivering innovative and sophisticated solutions for telecommunications, bioinformatics, and eCommerce.

Solution Expertise

  • Cloud Transformation Cloud planning and business transformation.
  • Cloud Architecture Secure architectures using best practices.
  • Big Data Integrate and access all of your data.
  • Data Science Gain insight from your data.

Providing effective cloud solutions for business.

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